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Discover Seoul Pass Terms and Conditions of Use

Article I. Purpose

The terms and conditions outlined in this agreement are provided by the Seoul Tourism Organization (hereinafter referred to as the "Issuer") regarding its "Discover Seoul Pass" (hereinafter referred to as "Seoul Pass"), in order to establish the rights, responsibilities and other necessary particulars between the Issuer and the users in relation to the use of the Seoul Pass.

Article II. Definition of Terms

The terms used in this document are defined as follows:
1. The "Seoul Pass" refers to a card provided by the Issuer in partnership with its affiliated facilities, that allows users to be admitted once to each of the affiliated facilities, as outlined in Article IV, Item 2. The "Seoul Pass" also has the capacity to be used as a Tmoney card.
2. The "User" refers to a foreign tourist that has agreed to the 'Discover Seoul Pass Terms and Conditions of Use' in order to use the "Seoul Pass" properly.
3. "Affiliated Facilities" refers to cultural and tourism facilities that have entered into a contract with the "Seoul Pass".

Article III. Scope, Validity and Changes to the Terms and Conditions

1. The Terms and Conditions of this agreement apply only to the "Seoul Pass" as defined in Article II, Item 1.
2. The Terms and Conditions of this agreement are published on the web site of the Issuer, and the validity of these terms become in effect once the "user" purchases the "Seoul Pass" or obtains it through other proper channels.
3. In the case that the Issuer determines that grounds for changes to these Terms and Conditions are present in relation to its services and duties, the Issuer will notify its intent to change the Terms and Conditions to the users, as well as the contents of the changes themselves, one month before the changes are put into effect on its web site. However, in case these Terms and Conditions may need to be changed urgently through a revision of laws, improvements to the system, recommendations of the supervisory bodies, or other reasons as deemed necessary, the contents of the changes will be notified on the web site for at least a month.
4. As a general principle, the revised provisions to these Terms and Conditions will go into effect on the effective date of the changes.

Article IV. Expiration Date and Duration of Use

1. The Seoul Pass, obtained through a purchase or through other proper channels, is valid for 5 years after its date of issue, which is marked on the card.
2. The user can utilize the Seoul Pass within the expiration date as mentioned in Item 1 of this article. The duration of time remaining on the Seoul Pass depends on when the card was first used as an admission ticket to an affiliated facility and by the following sub-items:a. 1 Day Pass: 24 hours from the first admission to an affiliated facilityb. 2 Day Pass: 48 hours from the first admission to an affiliated facilityc. 3 Day Pass: 72 hours from the first admission to an affiliated facility
3. Following Items 1 and 2, the Seoul Pass no longer may be used to gain admission to affiliated facilities when its duration of use has passed.

Article V. Issuance and Use of the Seoul Pass

1. When the issuer issues the "Seoul Pass", it will notify the users of the "Seoul Pass" through a user manual made available upon its purchase (enclosed within the pass), as well as through the issuer's web site, of the following items:a. Issuerb. Terms and conditions of usec. Affiliated facilities where the Seoul Pass may be usedd. Conditions for refund and how to obtain ite. Information regarding payment guarantees or insurance contract regarding the compensationf. Who to contact in case of damages or disputes
2. The "user" may obtain services from any of the cultural and tourism facilities that are in partnership with the "Seoul Pass". For more specific information on the affiliated facilities, it is informed in the user manual that is included with the Seoul Pass when purchased.

Article VI. Refunds

1. The "user" may obtain a refund for the entire amount that was paid for the "Seoul Pass" within 7 days from its date of purchase at locations designated by the issuer. (The list of designated locations are available on the web site of the Seoul Pass.) However, the Seoul Pass must be unopened and in an unused state, and the user must present a receipt as proof of purchase together with the card in order to obtain a refund.
2. After using the affiliated facilities, the funds that the "user" charged on the card to use as Tmoney can be refunded following the conditions set out by Korea Smart Card.

Article VII. Payment Guarantees

The "Seoul Pass" is not enlisted into a separate payment warrantee or guarantee damage insurance. However, the issuer operates reasonable assets to ensure adequate safety standards in accordance with the management guidance of an institution financed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Article VIII. Accountability

1. The issuer is responsible for compensating any damages to the user that result from errors of using the services of "affiliated facilities." However, any damages stated separately and clearly throughout this agreement as well as the damages that result from the following cases are excluded from compensation.a. If transactions are not successfully completed because the "user" used the Seoul Pass other than the methods informed by the issuer. b. If the Seoul Pass was used illegally or fraudulentlyc. If the Seoul Pass was modified or used after its original form was damagedd. If the Seoul Pass was stolen or loste. If the Seoul Pass was used abnormally in other ways that were not indicated by the issuer as normal usage.
2. If the issuer incurs damage as a result of the user's infringement of these Terms and Conditions, the user agrees to compensate the issuer for all damages.

Article IX. Resolution of Disputes

Any disputes related to the Terms and Conditions of the "Seoul Pass" will be submitted to and resolved by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.

Article X. Miscellaneous

1. The Tmoney service that accompanies the "Seoul Pass" is a prepaid electronic payment system operated by the company Korea Smart Card. For recharging, using, and obtaining refunds related to Tmoney, users must follow the terms and conditions established by Korea Smart Card.
2. Cases where specific terms and conditions are not stated in this agreement, or where there are interpretational disputes, shall be resolved and agreed to by the user and the issuer. However, If a joint agreement is not reached, the relevant laws and trade practices of the Republic of Korea shall be applied, including: ["Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions"], ["Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce"], ["Electronic Financial Transactions Act"], ["General Terms and Conditions of Electronic Banking"], ["Telecommunications Act"], ["Telecommunications Business Act"], and [Financial Code on Specialized Credit].

Article I. [Effective Date]

The Terms and Conditions of Use of this agreement are set into effect from July 29, 2016.

Seoul Tourism Organization