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Limited Edition Discover Seoul Pass with PYEONGCHANG

This special limited edition pass allows for travelers to visit 21 tourist attractions for free and receive 13 additional discounts in Seoul as well as enjoy various discount benefits for attractions, accommodation, activities, etc. at 61 locations in Seoul and Gangwon-do during a specified time period (November 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018). Discover all the great things that Seoul and Gangwon-do have to offer!

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The 5 Advantages

Advantage 1. Free access to
various tourist attractions
with just one card!

- The more active you are, the more you benefit
The more you travel around Seoul, the more you benefit

Advantage 2. The pass is good
for 24 hours or 48 hours!

- The pass is activated as soon as you visit the first tourist attraction.

Advantage 3. Take the opportunity
to visit attractions
most frequented by
Seoulites without any
additional burden!

- Discover premium galleries and speciality museums with the Pass!

Advantage 4. The pass offers
incredible value!

- Two of the most expensive attractions cost almost 40,000 won alone, but the pass offers access to many attractions

Advantage 5. You can even use it
as a transit card!

- The pass is equipped with TMoney, which allows travelers to use the public transportation(subway, bus, and taxi)
- With TMoney, you can also make purchases at convenience stores, Starbucks, and other stores. The card can be topped up as needed, and you can get a refund for any remaining balance before your departure.

How to Use

To plan your itinerary

Top up Tmoney

Use the Discover Seoul Pass
as an admission ticket

What if I want to know
how much time remains
on my pass?

Download the app
and synchronize it
with your pass.

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